Hat Kits

We have curated hat kits for y'all from some of our favorite colorways that we stock in the store! In each kit you get a 100g skein of yarn and 1 faux fur pom-pom. There are 16 different combinations to choose from. Some skeins are from Hedgehog Fibers and some are from our own ArkansasYarnCo brand. There is only 1 of each set.



  1. HHF DK Boombox w/ Hot Pink Pompom
  2. HHF DK Boombox w/ Teal Pompom
  3. HHF DK Boombox w/ Light Pink Pompom
  4. HHF DK WildCard w/ Black Pompom
  5. HHF DK Sari w/ Light Pink Pompom
  6. HHF DK Sari w/ Red Pompom
  7. HHF DK Kimono w/ Teal Pompom
  8. HHF DK Kimono w/ Hot Pink Pompom
  9. AYC DK Plush Fresh Start w/ Red Pompom
  10. AYC DK Sparkle Neon Candy Crush w/ Hot Pink Pompom
  11. AYC DK Sparkle Neon Candy Crush w/ Light Pink Pompom
  12. HHF DK Ozone w/ Light Brown Pompom
  13. HHF DK DRK w/ Light Brown Pompom
  14. AYC Extra Plump Great Minds Pink Alike w/ White Pompom
  15. AYC Extra Plump Unicorn Emoji w/ White Pompom
  16. AYC DK Sparkle Grinchmas In July w/ Red Pompom
  17. AYC Yummy Worsted Neon Candy Crush w/ White Pompom
  18. HHF DK Crybaby w/ Light Pink Pompom
  19. HHF DK DRK w/ Dark Brown Pompom
  20. HHF DK Shiver w/ Black Pompom
  21. HHF DK Sari w/ White Pompom


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