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Hot Springs Fiber Company

There are, but a handful of places within the United States where you have access to natural spring water. The spring water in Hot Springs Arkansas is already impregnated with heavy iron oxide, a natural mordant that would be any hand dyers dream. This, alone, sets Hot Springs Fiber Company apart from any other independent dyer in the nation. Additionally, other trade secrets in the hand dying process allow Hot Springs fiber company to produce deeper and richer colors on a larger product scale. With the ability to produce a higher volume of product while maintaining color consistency and reproduction of design makes Hot Springs fiber company a natural choice for any retailer that wants to offer an independently dyed product on a long-term basis.


Tracie Anderson, the CEO of Hot Springs fiber company has a history of design that has been pulled from life experience. These designs have been published in magazines such as Iiterweave Knits and Vogue Magazine. Having a designer at the wheel ensures that the colors you see in the packaged product have been carefully manipulated to look just as good in the finished product.