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ChiaoGoo X-Flex Cables Small


ChiaoGoo 2" (5cm) Blue X-Flex (extra flexible) (S) Small Join Cables

2 inch (5 cm) X-Flex blue TWIST (S) small join cables - 3 cables and 2 cable keys per package.
5" (13cm), 6" (15cm) and 8" (20cm) (approximate lengths). The Blue portion of the cable is approximately a half inch longer to account for the larger US sizes of 2 and 3 inch Shortie tips. The cable measurement doesn't include the connectors (joins) of the cable.

Blue, extra-flexible, memory-free, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel cable. Similar to the red Twist cables but more flexible.

Need a little more cable length for your project? Add these to your current cable with one of our connectors.  Want to make flexible double points?  Use these with your desired length of interchangeable tips.

Compatible with ChiaoGoo interchangeable tips sizes US-2 through US-8 (S) Join.

Not compatible with Knitter's Pride products.