Unwind Yarn Company

Dana started knitting in fall of 2005, and was astounded at how many varieties of yarn there are. The colors, the textures... but apparently not enough colors for Dana, because she started dyeing her own in June of 2006. Friends loved Dana's yarn and encouraged her to open an Etsy shop, and she started making the first fumbling efforts toward what has become her career. Dana started spinning her own yarn in December 2010, and that further influenced her creativity and expanded the ways she was able to express it. For years, Dana only dyed in short bursts because she was trying to work a full-time job and dye on the side, but Dana's husband encouraged her to really try to make Unwind Yarn Company a success. In summer of 2011, Dana quit trying to work another job and focused on Unwind, and it was the best decision she ever made! Dana gets to spend her days playing with colors and textures, and bring a little beauty (and a little of herself!) into the home of all of her customers. 

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Unwind Rope Yarn Bowls
Unwind Rope Yarn Bowls $40.00
Unwind Honeymoon
Unwind Honeymoon $32.00
Unwind Journey
Unwind Journey Sold Out
Unwind Twinkle Sock
Unwind Twinkle Sock $36.00
Unwind Rendezvous
Unwind Rendezvous $32.00