How Arkansas Yarn Co is Keeping You Safe

Arkansas Yarn Co. owner Lorri Helberg and Diamond State Bacterial Solutions owner Deborah Rice came together to help create a healthier retail experience in the midst of so much retail uncertainty. With the current climate of the world and business insecurities, these two women were reminded that businesses need to come together and be unified to see these times through. 

Diamond State Bacterial Solutions recently became a business as a result of much success of a unique product from Texas that helps to treat mold, bacteria, and viruses. This unique patented treatment has helped create healthier environments in residences, businesses, medical facilities, and more without using toxic chemicals. After Hurricane Harvey, this product was initially used for assistance with mold treatment and prevention. With further testing, it was found that this formula was antimicrobial, meaning it can kill and prevent the transmission of mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. This discovery opened a whole new market for long-lasting treatment with the opportunity of continuous protection.

These two businesses came together in these uncertain times, knowing that they could support one another. Arkansas Yarn Co now has a full layer of extra protection in their store. They are also working with Diamond State Bacterial Solutions to have a one-of-a-kind treated yarn to help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and mold through knitted items. These two companies are showing us that when we come together, we have the opportunity to make our community an even better place. Two women from two businesses have come together with a common goal, a healthier and more unified vision for the days ahead.