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Half Handkerchief Heel Class


Discover the unique "Half Handkerchief" heel turn design that creates a charming triangle shape under your heel. Each heel turn row adds an extra stitch, making this heel flap and gusset technique stand out.

This class is part of our Tour de Heels Sock Class Program. In this class you will only be making a heel sample using the Eye of Half Handkerchief heel technique. 

You do not need to be participating in the Tour de Heels Program to take this class

Saturday, April 20th from 10:30a - 2:30p

Must know how to:

  • Knit in the round, either magic loop, 2 circular needles , or 9" circular.
  • Must know how to knit and purl

Included in class:

  • Tour de Heels Passport (if you do not already have one)

You will need:

  • US 1 Needle(s) in your preferred "in the round" style
  • Homework completed before class starts in a light colored fingering weight yarn. You will need a minimum of 20g.


  • Cast on 64 sts. Join in the round
  • k2, p2 rib for 5 rounds
  • knit all stitches for 5 rounds
  • leave stitches as is for class.