T’was the Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar

T’was the Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar

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A Little GOLDEN Book Sparkling Advent Calendar

To me, the holidays are filled with sparkle and wonderment, twinkling lights are everywhere and icicles are sparkling in the crisp air, and the need to knit is insatiable! I love the Holidays because Hope is in the air, children are hoping Santa will be bringing them their wishes. (I'm always hoping that my husband takes the hints I sprinkle around for something sparkly from Tiffany's).
During the Holidays we are always so busy doing for everyone around us, and we don't always take the time do something special for ourselves. Why not treat yourself or someone you love to 25 days of Sparkle?
With this kit, you or your loved one (or both) will receive a charming, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas themed Advent Calendar that will arrive before December 1st.


For 24 days you will open a sparkling hand dyed 20g mini skein, along with a few other surprises!

On December 25th you will be opening a 100g/438yd skein of Sparkle yarn in an exclusive colorway. 

1-100g skein 
24- 20g mini  
• Get Your Shine On! Base 
• Slight variation from skein to skein 
• Base:  Signature GOLD Sparkle  
•75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina  
• 438yds/100 gr Skein  
• Number of skein: 1 
• Colorway inspired by Arkansas  
• Ships from Arkansas 
• Get Your Shine On! Mini Base 
• Slight variation from skein to skein 
• Base:  Signature GOLD Sparkle  
•75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina  
• 87yds/20gr Skein  
• Number of skein: 24 
• Colorway inspired by Arkansas  
• Ships from Arkansas

Each skein is dyed by hand, using professional acid dyes.
Each skein is unique regardless of being the same color way and name. If you are making a multi skein item, you will want to alternate skeins.

Tonal colors have light and dark highlights of one color. It is not a solid color, you will see variegation in each skein of lights and darks. Some skeins will have more light or dark sections. You will also see some speckling or freckling where the dye concentrates in one area. This is normal, and the look we want for tonals, this will give gorgeous texture and movement to your work.

The photo you see is one skein of that color. The skein you receive will not look exactly like this photo, as each skein is unique but will have the same color/style.

While I try my best to take photos that accurately capture the true colors when photographing, each computer/mobile device varies in colors if you have questions about color/photos, please ask.


Handwash your item in COOL water only, and lay flat to dry. Even though this is superwash yarn, your items life will be prolonged if you take time to hand wash it with care.

Hand dyed yarn MAY bleed minimally in the first few washes. This is not abnormal, and can be caused by using warm or hot water, or using water that is not PH neutral. Hot water can cause the bond between the dye and the fiber to break and release color. To help counter this, always wash in COOL water, and you can use a 'Color Catcher' if they are available in your area.

Shipping policies:

All items ship USPS first class if under 13 ounces, if over 13 ounces we still use USPS but it may ship with priority mail.

We are responsible for your new purchase until it reaches the Post Office. After that, it is out of our control. We are also not responsible for weather related damage or delays. Once the package leaves our hands it is completely out of our control.

Ownership of packages turned over to USPS transfers to the buyer. We are not responsible for lost, held, damaged or theft of packages. We are not responsible for mis-delivery errors via carrier, or incorrect shipping info.  

Shipping is a service you purchase from USPS along with your order from us, so any shipping issues must be handled by USPS. 

We are not responsible for shipments sent to forwarding services or companies regardless of shipping service selected, if you place an order and your shipping address is a forwarding address you are responsible for contacting your forwarding company or service to locate your shipment.

This product comes from a smoke free/pet friendly home. While I do my best to ensure the yarn, fabrics and finished products are kept isolated from my Shar Pei, I cannot guarantee a fur free product.