Arkansas Yarn Co. owner, Lorri Helberg, started hand-dying yarn in 2017 in her home dying studio. She currently dyes yarn at her in-house, state-of-the-art dying studio in our historic brick and mortar store. She started hand-dying yarn because she wanted to know exactly what went into the yarns she was using. Lorri specializes in dying luxury yarns. She has multiple bases available that she dyes on, but particularly loves her sparkle yarn.
Halloween 2021 Sock Sets
Halloween 2021 Sock Sets Sold Out
Happy Gnome
Happy Gnome from $28.00
Have Fun
Have Fun Sold Out
Highlighter of my Life
Highlighter of my Life from $28.00
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Sold Out
Hope Sold Out
Hot Tropix
Hot Tropix $32.00
Hug Often
Hug Often Sold Out
HydroColour Sock Blank
HydroColour Sock Blank Sold Out
I Ate A Rich Husband
I Ate A Rich Husband Sold Out
Ice Sage
Ice Sage from $28.00
Into The Woods Solid
Into The Woods Solid Sold Out
Jessa's Iris
Jessa's Iris Sold Out
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic Sold Out
Kino Orange
Kino Orange from $28.00
Knight In Shining Armour
Knight In Shining Armour Sold Out
Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles from $28.00
Lady Danbury
Lady Danbury Sold Out
Lady Daphne
Lady Daphne Sold Out
Lady Eloise
Lady Eloise $28.00
Lady Featherington
Lady Featherington Sold Out
Lady Violet
Lady Violet Sold Out
Lady Whistledown's Society Papers
Lady Whistledown's Society Papers Sold Out
Lagoon Sold Out
Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue from $28.00
Lick the Frosting
Lick the Frosting Sold Out
Lime in My Gin
Lime in My Gin from $28.00
Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck from $28.00
Luck O' The Irish
Luck O' The Irish Sold Out
LYS Day 2020
LYS Day 2020 from $28.00
LYS Day 2021
LYS Day 2021 from $28.00
MAGICAL St Patty's Gnome
MAGICAL St Patty's Gnome $35.00
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf Sold Out
Marina Thompson
Marina Thompson Sold Out
Mean One
Mean One from $28.00
Meeting At Midnight
Meeting At Midnight Sold Out
Mint To Be
Mint To Be Sold Out
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte from $28.00
Mom Jeans
Mom Jeans from $28.00
Ms Betty's Hibiscus
Ms Betty's Hibiscus Sold Out
Ms Karen's Ferns
Ms Karen's Ferns Sold Out
Ms Lucille's Roses
Ms Lucille's Roses Sold Out
Ms Lucille's Roses Sock Set
Ms Lucille's Roses Sock Set Sold Out
Ms Matty's Daylilies
Ms Matty's Daylilies Sold Out
Ms Millies Pansies
Ms Millies Pansies Sold Out
Ms Ruth Ann's Peonies
Ms Ruth Ann's Peonies Sold Out
Ms Tamara's Tulips
Ms Tamara's Tulips from $28.00
Ms Viola's Hydrangea
Ms Viola's Hydrangea Sold Out