Arkansas Yarn Co. owner, Lorri Helberg, started hand-dying yarn in 2017 in her home dying studio. She currently dyes yarn at her in-house, state-of-the-art dying studio in our historic brick and mortar store. She started hand-dying yarn because she wanted to know exactly what went into the yarns she was using. Lorri specializes in dying luxury yarns. She has multiple bases available that she dyes on, but particularly loves her sparkle yarn.
Dragonfly from $28.00
Maddie Jade
Maddie Jade from $28.00
Toe-Up Magic Loop Sock Class
Toe-Up Magic Loop Sock Class from $65.00
Honey Bee
Honey Bee from $28.00
Hot Tropix
Hot Tropix Sold Out
Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles from $28.00
Watermelon Crawl
Watermelon Crawl $26.00
Hope Sold Out
Knit for Brains 2.0
Knit for Brains 2.0 Sold Out
Highlighter of my Life
Highlighter of my Life from $28.00
Jessa's Iris
Jessa's Iris from $28.00
Starflake MKAL Kit
Starflake MKAL Kit $128.00
Blue Me Away
Blue Me Away Sold Out
Ms Viola's Hydrangea
Ms Viola's Hydrangea Sold Out
Ms Ruth Ann's Peonies
Ms Ruth Ann's Peonies Sold Out
Ms. Anna's Sweet Peas
Ms. Anna's Sweet Peas Sold Out
Dating a Royal
Dating a Royal $28.00
Bahama Mama
Bahama Mama $32.00
Father's Day Gnome
Father's Day Gnome $30.00
Expositor Shawl Kit
Expositor Shawl Kit $116.00
Lick the Frosting
Lick the Frosting from $28.00
Yennifer $28.00
PinkaPinka $32.00
The Hopeful Collection 90g Sock Kit
The Hopeful Collection 90g Sock Kit Sold Out
Pollinated $24.00
Perfectly Pink Mini Set
Perfectly Pink Mini Set $46.00
Marilyn $28.00
Ms Matty's Daylilies
Ms Matty's Daylilies $28.00
Pixie Wings
Pixie Wings $32.00
Cornish Pixie
Cornish Pixie $28.00
Ms Betty's Hibiscus
Ms Betty's Hibiscus from $28.00
Lets Moss About It
Lets Moss About It $28.00
Spooky Swamp
Spooky Swamp $30.00
Spooky Forest
Spooky Forest $30.00
Carnival Fade
Carnival Fade $96.00
Meeting At Midnight
Meeting At Midnight $28.00
Disco Barbie
Disco Barbie from $28.00
Blue Bird
Blue Bird from $28.00
Blue Out The Candles
Blue Out The Candles from $28.00
Spicy Ginger
Spicy Ginger $28.00
Eat Cake
Eat Cake $32.00
Blue My Mind Mini Fade
Blue My Mind Mini Fade from $36.00