Arkansas Yarn Co. owner, Lorri Helberg, started hand-dying yarn in 2017 in her home dying studio. She currently dyes yarn at her in-house, state-of-the-art dying studio in our historic brick and mortar store. She started hand-dying yarn because she wanted to know exactly what went into the yarns she was using. Lorri specializes in dying luxury yarns. She has multiple bases available that she dyes on, but particularly loves her sparkle yarn.
2021 Yarn Crawl Mug
2021 Yarn Crawl Mug $37.00
Anita Workout
Anita Workout Sold Out
Birds of a Feather Shawl Kit
Birds of a Feather Shawl Kit $90.00
Blackberry Bramble
Blackberry Bramble Sold Out
Blackberry Margarita
Blackberry Margarita from $28.00
Blue Bird
Blue Bird Sold Out
Blue Me Away
Blue Me Away Sold Out
Blue My Mind Mini Fade
Blue My Mind Mini Fade from $36.00
Blue Out The Candles
Blue Out The Candles Sold Out
Boo Berry
Boo Berry from $28.00
Botanic Shawl Set
Botanic Shawl Set from $87.00
Boysenberry Sold Out
Bubblelicious Sold Out
Butt Bustin' Bettie
Butt Bustin' Bettie from $28.00
Calico Shawl Kit
Calico Shawl Kit from $26.00
Calypso from $28.00
Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet from $28.00
Cheri Chevron Kit
Cheri Chevron Kit Sold Out
Cherry Chapstick
Cherry Chapstick Sold Out
Cherry Slush
Cherry Slush Sold Out
Chocolate Bunny - Yummy Plush
Chocolate Bunny - Yummy Plush $28.00
Church Shawl Kit
Church Shawl Kit from $33.00
Cindy Lou ah-choo
Cindy Lou ah-choo from $28.00
Colin Bridgerton
Colin Bridgerton Sold Out
Confused Gnome
Confused Gnome Sold Out
Conversation Hearts
Conversation Hearts from $28.00
Conversation Hearts 120g Sock Set
Conversation Hearts 120g Sock Set Sold Out
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Sold Out
Cream from $28.00
Damask Alpaca
Damask Alpaca $32.00
Dating a Royal
Dating a Royal from $28.00
Disco Barbie
Disco Barbie Sold Out
Dora The Destroyer
Dora The Destroyer Sold Out
Dragonfly Sold Out
Dreabell Blue
Dreabell Blue Sold Out
Duke of Hastings
Duke of Hastings Sold Out
Eat Cake
Eat Cake Sold Out
Expositor Shawl Kit
Expositor Shawl Kit $116.00
Extra Plump
Extra Plump Sold Out
Faith Sold Out
Football Season
Football Season Sold Out
Forever and Ever
Forever and Ever Sold Out
Fresh Leaves
Fresh Leaves from $28.00
George the Peacock Sock Blocker Set
George the Peacock Sock Blocker Set from $28.00
Glaring NEON Sign
Glaring NEON Sign $32.00
Gnot Just Another Gnome MKAL6
Gnot Just Another Gnome MKAL6 from $25.00
Grinch v4.0 2020
Grinch v4.0 2020 from $28.00
Grinchmas v5.0 2021
Grinchmas v5.0 2021 from $28.00