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Arkansas Yarn Co. owner, Lorri Helberg, started hand-dying yarn in 2017 in her home dying studio. She currently dyes yarn at her in-house, state-of-the-art dying studio in our historic brick and mortar store. She started hand-dying yarn because she wanted to know exactly what went into the yarns she was using. Lorri specializes in dying luxury yarns. She has multiple bases available that she dyes on, but particularly loves her sparkle yarn.
AYC Logo Yarn Sock
AYC Logo Yarn Sock $10.00
Hat Kits
Hat Kits from $30.00
80's Workout Gnome
80's Workout Gnome from $30.00
Birds of a Feather Shawl Kit
Birds of a Feather Shawl Kit from $85.00
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte from $28.00
Party of Five Mini's
Party of Five Mini's $46.00
Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet from $28.00
Cheri Chevron Kit
Cheri Chevron Kit from $64.00
Black Ice
Black Ice $24.00
Peeps Gnome
Peeps Gnome from $30.00
Oh for PEEPS Sake! Mini Skein Collection
Oh for PEEPS Sake! Mini Skein Collection from $35.00
Elton Cardigan Sets
Elton Cardigan Sets from $85.00
Choose Joy
Choose Joy from $28.00
Buck Naked Hat Kit
Buck Naked Hat Kit from $30.00
Serenity from $28.00
Central Lime Zone
Central Lime Zone from $28.00
Extra Plump
Extra Plump $28.00
Silent Service
Silent Service $28.00
Autumn Dust
Autumn Dust from $28.00
Hug Often
Hug Often $32.00
Have Fun
Have Fun from $28.00
Maddie Jade
Maddie Jade from $28.00
Be Kind
Be Kind from $28.00
Starflake MKAL Kit
Starflake MKAL Kit $128.00
Perfectly Pink Mini Set
Perfectly Pink Mini Set $46.00
Blue Me Away
Blue Me Away $28.00
Marilyn $28.00
Dragonfly from $28.00
Eat Cake
Eat Cake $32.00
Jessa's Iris
Jessa's Iris $28.00
Blue My Mind Mini Fade
Blue My Mind Mini Fade from $36.00