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Hypnotic Yarn

Hypnotic Yarn was born at the bottom of a rabbit hole that all started when Cheryl Ham discovered knitting podcasts were a thing. Prior to that, Cheryl had no idea that hand dyed yarn existed. But once she had learned of it, Cheryl couldn't get it out of her head and she knew she had to try it. Cheryl had always been drawn to color and aesthetics, and her past is filled with many an attempt to find the right outlet for that passion -- from an interior design degree to her first dip into the Etsy waters with handcrafted nail polish -- but it wasn't until Cheryl married knitting with her love of color that everything fell into place and she started Hypnotic Yarn mid January 2017.


If you didn't see what you were looking for, please feel free to visit Hypnotic Yarn's Website here: