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Harry Potter Knitting Magic
Harry Potter Knitting Magic $29.99
LOVE from $28.00
AYC Logo Stitch Marker & Holder
AYC Logo Stitch Marker & Holder $30.00
Dragonfly from $28.00
Serenity from $28.00
Maddie Jade
Maddie Jade from $28.00
Mean One
Mean One $32.00
Frosty The Gnome-man
Frosty The Gnome-man from $20.00
Jolly Old St. Gnick
Jolly Old St. Gnick from $20.00
AYC Logo T-Shirt
AYC Logo T-Shirt from $28.00
Silent Service
Silent Service $28.00
Gift Card
Gift Card from $10.00
Christmas Ribbon Candy
Christmas Ribbon Candy from $28.00
PomPom - Small
PomPom - Small $7.50
Yak Silk - Singles
Yak Silk - Singles $36.00
World Peace
World Peace Sold Out
Knight In Shining Armour
Knight In Shining Armour from $28.00
Into The Woods Solid
Into The Woods Solid from $28.00
Into the Woods Speckle
Into the Woods Speckle from $28.00
Blackberry Margarita
Blackberry Margarita from $28.00
Blue My Mind Mini Fade
Blue My Mind Mini Fade from $36.00
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte from $28.00
Extra Plump
Extra Plump $28.00
Oh for PEEPS Sake! Mini Skein Collection
Oh for PEEPS Sake! Mini Skein Collection from $35.00
Peeps Gnome
Peeps Gnome from $30.00
Stonehedge Crazy
Stonehedge Crazy $13.00
Be Kind
Be Kind from $28.00
Choose Joy
Choose Joy from $28.00
Have Fun
Have Fun from $28.00
Jessa's Iris
Jessa's Iris $28.00
Eat Cake
Eat Cake $32.00
Hug Often
Hug Often $32.00