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Happy Birthday Sock Set



Become the ultimate gift-giver with our Happy Birthday Sock Set! Let us help you snag the coveted title with our beautiful Birthday Package, including a card for the special occasion!


  • 120g Happy Birthday Sock Set
    • 100g Happy Birthday
    • 20g Highlighter of my Life
  • Blank Birthday Card from AYC
  • Cupcake Sticker
  • Balloon Animal Lever back Stitch Marker
  • Cake and Happy Birthday Stitch Stoppers

Yummy Plush

  • 85/15 SW Merino/Nylon
  • 437yds/100g
  • 87yds/20g


Yummy Sparkle

  • 75/15/10 SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina
  • 437yds/100g
  • 87yds/20g