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Plum Deluxe Black Teas


Black tea, is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, yellow, white and green teas. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor than other teas.

All loose leaf teas come in 1oz sealed pouches.

  • Gratitude Blend (Strawberry Earl Grey)Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Strawberries, Raspberry Leaves, Bergamot Oil, Strawberry Essence, Love, Gratitude.
  • Creme Brulee Earl Grey - Black Tea, Orange Peel, Jasmine Flowers, Blue Cornflower, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Extract.
  • Strawberries & CreamBlack Tea, Strawberry Pieces, Raspberry Leaf, Rose Petals, Strawberry/Vanilla Essences, Love, Gratitude.
  • Porch Sippin' Pecan - Black Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Pecan Essence, Safflower.
  • Coconut Macaron - Black Tea, Honeybush Tea, Rooibos Tea, Coconut Pieces, Natural Almond Essence, Love, Gratitude.
  • Brunch in Paris (Chocolate - Orange- Black Tea, Honeybush Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Orange Pieces, Orange Essence. Love, Gratitude.
  • Reading Nook (Rose - Lavender - Chamomile) - Black Tea, Rose Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla Essence, Love, Gratitude.
  • Mindful Morning (Earl Grey) - Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Essence, Love, Gratitude. 
  • Grandma's Caramel Butterscotch Black - Black Tea, Rooibos Tea, Cacao Nibs, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Calendula, Caramel/Butterscotch Essence.
  • Mayan Chocolate Spice Black - Black Tea, Honeybush Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cocoa Nibs, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Vanilla/Chocolate Essence.
  • Winter Currant BlackBlack Tea Blend, Black Currant, Rose Hip, Blackberry Leaf, Raspberries, Orange Peel, Black Currant Essence.
  • Raspberry Cocoa Truffle Pu’erh - Pu'erh Tea, Black Tea, Raspberries, Orange Peel, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberry Leaves, Cornflowers, Raspberry Essence.
  • Coconut A La Creme - Black Tea, Coconut Pieces, Vanilla & Coconut Essences, Calendula.
  • Heritage Blend (Scottish Maple Breakfast) - Assam Black Tea, African Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea, Vermont Maple Syrup Extract, Safflower, Blue Malva Flowers.
  • Be Well Blend (Orange - Elderberry) - Black Tea, Elderberries, Orange Peel, Orange Essence.