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Twice Sheared Sheep Row Counter Chain Medium


The indispensable row counter! The one knitting tool I truly can’t live without.

Use it to keep track of your rows, pattern repeats, or any other pattern element that requires counting. Never get lost in a pattern again!

To use:  Place row counter on needles as any other stitch marker. Each time you come to the counter move it to the next number in the chain. Use the clip to mark the “10’s” place when counting more than 10 rows, or use it to keep track of pattern repeats.

Shortie row counters

This pint-sized counter lets you count 5 rounds or rows, making it perfect for shorter pattern repeats where you don’t need a full row counter.

All the help you need, just less to get in your way, so you can knit on effortlessly!


  • Fits Knitting Needles up to US 8 (5 mm)
  • Fits Crochet Hooks up to H (5 mm)

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