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Teeny Button Studios

Hello! I'm Robyn and I am the owner and dyer here at TeenyButton Studio. All of our yarns are dyed by myself here in my home studio just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. 

A photo of a young woman in her mid-twenties with a crown of yarn

I learned to knit at the age of 8 but picked it up with a passion in high school. As my skill level grew and I tried my hand at more ambitious projects, I had trouble finding the kinds of yarns I wanted to knit with. I wanted bright colors, lots of speckles, and fun colorway names but the local stores were few and far between and I wanted to touch and see the yarns in person. So I decided to try my hand at dyeing my own! I started by dyeing a mini skein set inspired by Pokemon, something I'd never seen for sale anywhere, and immediately fell in love with the art of dyeing. As a college student, dyeing my own yarn made knitting more affordable and soon I had more hand-dyed yarn than I could ever knit, so TeenyButton Studio was born!

If you can't find what you are looking for here, head over to the Teeny Button website HERE